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Our Mission…

…to develop premier leaders of character for tomorrow’s Air Force and Space Force!

AFROTC offers eligible students education and training that leads to a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the Department of the Air Force while they pursue a major in any degree program offered our Host or cross-town universities. At Detachment 905, our program develops quality military leaders by placing an emphasis on academics, fundamental leadership skills, and physical fitness.

To register for the program, students enroll in the GMC coursework in the same manner as their other college coursework. Additional in-processing actions will be required, and if you have not heard from an AFROTC instructor, please contact us at our detachment email.

The standard AFROTC program is four years in length, and is broken down into two sequential phases:

  1. The General Military Course.  The General Military Course consists of freshman and sophomore level cadets. Participation in the General Military Course does not incur a military obligation, unless the cadet accepts an AFROTC scholarship. After successfully completing all General Military Course requirements, cadets compete for placement into the Professional Officer Course.
  2. The Professional Officer Course.  Upon selection, but before entering the Professional Officer Course, cadets must successfully complete their General Military Course capstone exercise known as Field Training. Professional Officer Course cadets are rising juniors and seniors who are actively engaged in developing and executing training programs within the cadet wing.
    • Selection into the Professional Officer course is competitive, and is dependent upon:
      • Medically cleared to serve in the armed forces
      • Physical Fitness scores
      • Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT) Scores
      • Completion of Field Training
      • Recommendation of the Professor of Aerospace Studies

General Military Course (GMC) Curriculum

Aerospace Student (AS) 100 Requirements

  • AERO 101 (Fall)
    • Heritage and Values I (1 credit)
  • AERO 102 (Spring)
    • Heritage and Values II (1 credit)
  • AERO 103 (Fall/Spring)
    • Leadership Laboratory & Physical Training (2 credits)

AS 200 Requirements

  • AERO 201 (Fall)
    • Team and Leadership Fundamentals I (1 credit)
  • AERO 202 (Spring)
    • Team and Leadership Fundamentals II (1 credit)
  • AERO 203 (Fall/Spring)
    • Leadership Laboratory & Physical Training (2 credits)
      • AERO 205 at the University of Idaho

Field Training

Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama

Qualified cadets selected for entry into the POC must attend Field Training (FT). This is a paid, multi-week capstone course that typically takes place between their sophomore and junior years. FT is a mandatory program for all individuals pursuing a commission as an officer through AFROTC. This summer course is designed to evaluate military leadership and discipline, evaluate potential for continuation into the POC, and stratify cadets against their peers from around the nation.

Professional Officer Course (POC) Curriculum

AS 300 Requirements

  • AERO 311 (Fall)
    • Leading People and Effective Communication I (3 credits)
  • AERO 312 (Spring)
    • Leading People and Effective Communication II (3 credits)
  • AERO 313 (Fall/Spring)
    • Leadership Laboratory & Physical Training (2 credits)

AS 400 Requirements

  • AERO 411 (Fall)
    • National Security, Leadership, and Commissioning Preparation I (3 credits)
  • AERO 412 (Spring)
    • National Security, Leadership, and Commissioning Preparation II (3 credits)
  • AERO 413 (Fall/Spring)
    • Leadership Laboratory & Physical Training (2 credits)

Cadet Wing Requirements

Leadership Laboratory (Lead Lab)

Lead Lab instruction is conducted within the framework of an organized Cadet Wing that mirrors the structure of an Active Duty Air Force organization. Lead Lab is a weekly, cadetrun laboratory designed to have a progression of experiences designed to develop each student’s leadership and and teamwork fundamentals. The goal of this laboratory is to provide cadets with hands-on military training experiences that will help them be successful officers in today’s Department of the Air Force. Events include a study of Air Force customs and courtesies, drill and ceremonies, presentations on Air Force career opportunities, and more.

Lead Lab takes place every Thursday from 5 – 7pm.

Physical Training (PT)

Physical fitness is of paramount importance! The PT program at Detachment 905 is designed to keep our cadets in excellent physical condition while instilling the values of a healthy lifestyle. Cadets are required to attend at least two weekly, morning PT sessions. Our PT program includes a Physical Fitness Assessment. The Physical Fitness Assessment mirrors the current active duty Air Force fitness test, and includes the following components: waist measurements, one minute of push-ups, one minute of sit-ups, and a timed 1.5 mile run.

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